Shop Securely and With Confidence

Riverside Golf is always concerned about internet security, so we’ve taken the extra step to give you peace of mind when shopping or making a purchase transaction on our site. We’ve taken the steps:

  1. Added SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to our website for added transaction security
  2. We use a third party PCI Compliant Payment Gateway for your credit card transaction and future or recurring payments.
  3. We do not store credit card information on our servers.

SSL Certificate, what is it?

While shopping online, you should always be concerned of the unsavoury individuals snooping about the internet trying to gather your private information while filling out online forms or credit card information. An SSL Certificate provides proof Riverside Golf is the owner of this website, letting you know that you are actually dealing with the us (Riverside Golf) the actual company you want to do business with. It allows a secure online transaction with 256 bit encryption. You can view this our site by:

  1. clicking the green lock beside the https: on your browser,
  2. click Details,
  3. and then click view certificate:

Click the seal below to verify our SSL Certificate:

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