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Clicgear Model 4.0 – New Arrival


Clicgear Model 4.0

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Clicgear Model 4.0 – New Arrival!  Finally here, the long awaited updating of the 3.5+ Model.  The best selling premium 3 Wheel Cart just got better!  Only limited quantities available for Christmas, don’t miss out on some of the unique colors for your golfing loved one.

New Umbrella Tube Strap – The New Umbrella Tube Strap offers better grip on your umbrella. Improves the comfort for every round while reducing the chance of losing your favorite an umbrella to a sudden gust of wind. The strap color can be customized with a M4 Trim Kit (sold separately).

New Lid Lock – Finally, borrowing from a small and often overlooked detail on the Clicgear Model 8, we have now added a lid locking strap to the Model 4. This secures the console lid so that when transporting the cart to and from the course, you won’t dump all your goodies stored in the console, all over the parking lot.

New Scorecard + Pencil Holder – There is now a new stylish scorecard holder. It’s silicone and does exactly what the old string version used to do, but it looks way cooler and costs more. The holder comes in many colors which can be customized with a M4 Trim Kit (sold separately).

New Silicone Strap – We finally got tired of the old elastic straps, so we decided to vastly improve bag grip and adjustability for 2019. The result is the new Clicgear Silicone Strap System. The straps are infinitely adjustable right out of the box and are also gentle on your precious bag.
The straps also come in many colors which can be customized in seconds with a M4 Trim Kit (sold separately). No tools required.

New Adjustable Upper Saddle – Now the top bag holder bracket can be adjusted for height, so no matter how tall your bag,including taller junior bags, the bracket can be adjusted to better fit your bag to the cart.

New Lower Saddle – The Lower Saddle on the Clicgear M4 is modified to move the lower bag support up and away from the front wheel. Working with the Adjustable Upper Saddle, this allows better clearance between the bottom of some stand bags when positioned on the cart. This finally eliminates an annoying issue for some customers.

Front Wheel Adjustment – Front wheel adjustment get’s a lot easier with the Clicgear M4 with an all new Wheel Adjustment System up front. You can now easily adjust the front wheel with the turn of one screw for perfect alignment every time. If you can’t figure this out, we don’t know what else to do.


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