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Golf Labs

The fitting center partner for Riverside Golf is Swing Sleuth Golf Labs, located at the Richmond Driving Range, 4880 No. 6 Road in Richmond. Golf Labs offer the following services to golfers looking to take their game to the next level:


Fit Lab

Tired of buying new equipment but your game doesn’t improve?  Your golf clubs should perform to allow you to achieve maximum accuracy, distance and control.  Featuring the world’s most advanced launch monitor, the 2017 GC Quad from Foresight Sports Canada.  It is the world’s first quadrascopic launch monitor and captures up to 20 times the data as the previous generation launch monitor.  Every detail of the ball and club interaction can be captured and measured precisely. Using this advanced technology to measure the efficiency of your golf clubs and your launch conditions will show where improvement can be made. Whether to just analyse your swing, or for a fitting for new equipment, our Fit Lab will give you the information on the specs for new equipment to help you and what aspects of your swing to focus on when practicing.


3D Lab

Our 3D Swing Lab uses cutting edge 3D swing analysis fitting golfers with wireless sensors to measure your every move in 3-dimensional space.  Your swing is measured and displayed on a large video screen.  You will not need to guess what is happening, as every aspect of your golf swing will be displayed clearly.  Finally, through this advanced technology you will be able to understand and improve your golf swing in ways that were not previously possible.


Video Lab

The golf swing happens very fast, and what the golfer feels in that brief time can be very different than what is happening. We use professional grade high speed cameras and Swinguru Pro video analysis software that will freeze time and allow golfers to see swing flaws normally invisible to real time observation. This technology will clearly show the truth about your golf swing, and once you can see the problem, we can fix it.



To book a session at Golf Labs, please visit us at
Also you can also contact us by telephone at (604) 812-4545