Golf Business News over the Last Few Months

Lots of interesting news in the golf business over the last several months. Adidas the owner of Taylor Made Golf, Adams Golf, and Ashworth Golf, has decided to divest its golf “hard goods” divisions, to focus on its core business of soft goods, shoes and clothing. There are likely many reasons for this including soft sales in hard goods, and growing competition in the soft goods side.

This move by Adidas seems to have opened the door for Nike to follow suit, catching everyone by surprise with their announcement they are discontinuing production of “hard goods”, to focus on soft goods. It is ironic that Rory won the Tour Championship this year using Nike clubs, after this announcement. Great performing clubs now at a fire sale price while stocks last!

It will be interesting to watch what Puma with Cobra does, if anything. Will they see an opportunity to expand their presence in the market, follow the trend of the other two clothing giants, or continue status quo?

Whoever buys Taylor Made, the trend of ever faster cascading launches of new drivers, previously a two year cycle, then one year, and now six months or less, is likely to change. With consumers now jaded as to “buying in early” to a new product, as waiting three to six months would usually result in significant savings over the “launch” price.

And lots of news coming out on the retail side of the golf business in Canada as well! Soft retails sales, growth of internet sales and too many oversized stores will soon take its toll on the retail landscape. This will increase many consumer’s existing frustration with the lack of choice in the market of where to shop. More on this next week!

Tips When Buying a New Glove

Buying a New Glove?

A few points to remember when looking to buy a new golf glove. The glove is worn on the top hand gripping the golf club, so typically a right hand player will wear a left hand glove, and a left hand player will wear a right hand glove. Materials for gloves will usually be leather, synthetic, or a combination of both. Remember the more expensive gloves, usually soft cabretta leather will have a very nice feel, but are a little like racing tires on a car, they will wear out faster, especially if your grip is a little tight or too loose. If you are a little too loose with the top three fingers in the grip and the butt of the club moves slightly this will wear a hole in the side palm of the glove. If you are wearing a hole in the thumb of your glove, this usually indicates you are gripping too tightly with the thumb. Some gloves will put an extra patch of material in the side palm area of the glove should you wear a hole here in your glove. If you are hitting a lot of range balls might be better to have a less expensive (usually synthetic or a half & half) glove to practice with and use your good leather glove on the golf course.

The glove when new should be the size you can fit into the smallest size being comfortably snug, as the material will stretch after you have worn it a few times and you don’t want a glove that becomes too loose, with a baggy fit on the palm side of the glove. In Men’s gloves, especially with left hand gloves (for a right hand golfer) there are models called “Cadet” or marked with a “C”. These gloves will have a slightly shorter finger, so if you find the finger length a little long, look for a cadet glove. One interesting glove in the market is the Zero Friction brand which use a patented compression fit technology, so one glove will fit most players (i.e. one size for men’s, one for women’s and one for juniors).

In the fall and winter months, there are special gloves for wet and/or cold weather usually sold as a pair. Some models are a special material, such as the Srixon Wet Weather glove, which the material went wet gets amazing grip on the club. You are intended to wet these gloves before you start to play, on those days you know you will be getting rained on when you head out on the course. Other models are geared more for cold weather, such as the Zero Fiction Storm gloves.