Riverside Property Update

Hello Everyone,


For those who haven’t been by King George & Crescent Road recently, here is the “important highway alignment” (aka new road to the developer’s condos), that the taxpayers of Surrey will be spending millions of dollars for this approximately 200’ of road through our parking lot, and then giving these developers a “Free” park in front of their development.  Certainly good value for developers in Surrey, donate $5K – 10K for the politician’s election campaign and get millions of dollars in value back!


The taxpayers in Surrey should be in revolt over actions like this.  If the directors of a public company conducted business like this, receiving a small amount of money for the benefit of the directors, then spending millions for things that bestow most of the benefits not to the company or shareholders (i.e. taxpayers) but the “donors”, these directors would be facing much more than just shareholder outrage.


To update regarding the retail business, we are continuing to operate from our Vancouver location, and seasonally in Nanaimo.   Please be aware we are currently running our “End of Season” clearance event, as we must sell all non-current models to get ready for the 2018 models.  Equipment from Mizuno, Callaway, and Ping at great savings.  Thousands of pieces of name brand clothing from Nike, Cutter & Buck, Mizuno and others, most 50% – 70% Off from original retail!  Please stop by and save!


And thank you to everyone for your comments and support when we have the chance to meet.  We miss all the golfers we used to see on a nearly weekly basis.  Much more info to come as we get ready to go to B.C. Supreme Court.


Best regards to you


Ken & Gordon

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